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Are your assumptions limiting your potential?

Assumptions, we all make them but are your assumptions limiting your potential?

Our assumptions are based on how we view and perceive the world through our unique lens and personal paradigm. Our assumptions are true to us however they don't carry universal truth with a capital T.

Let's look at this a little closer and use a simple example to highlight my point. You’re looking for a promotion and pay rise from your employer but you have made an assumption based on the beliefs you have gathered over time that this request will be denied. This assumption influences your decision-making and places a self-made limitation on your career progression. How valid is the assumption if you fail to test its absolute truth?

When we take time to look at, examine, question and challenge our assumptions we can test the foundation of our unique paradigm and start to shift our perceived reality.

Interrupting our patterns is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate personal growth. This is how I’m helping my clients shift from their default mode toward a created way of living. If you would like to explore this topic further DM me for a conversation.


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