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What is inner leadership?

Inner leadership orientates around your values and purpose and drives life choices and decision-making in a way that keeps you in close alignment with what is most important to you. What's more, inner leadership requires a level of self-trust and the ability to act independently of outside influence when it’s not in personal alignment.

Developing inner leadership requires you to take an objective look at your inner landscape through reflection and self-awareness and have the willingness to develop yourself in areas that are standing in the way of achieving the highest version of yourself.

Nurturing inner leadership should be done with a level of patience and care and is best achieved through regularly checking in with yourself.

Find a quiet hour in your week to pause, disconnect and reflect on the following questions:

  1. Where in my life do I feel most out of alignment and what action do I need to take to bring myself back into centre?

  2. What is causing the most amount of resistance in my day-to-day life and what needs to change to bring about a sense of ease?

  3. What do I wish to create in my life and what actions do I need to take to make this desire a reality?

Sometimes the action required is not doing more but doing less or assessing who you’re being, how you’re showing up or what you can let go of or accept about yourself.

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