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What is self-abandonment?

Self-abandonment is when we suppress our own emotions or needs in favour of pleasing others, conforming to social pressures or continuing to keep doing something not meant for us. Or in more simple terms it’s saying yes to things we actually don’t want in order to avoid a confrontation with an individual or group.

Self-abandonment can occur in many ways and often shows up as a subtle behaviour pattern that when repeated over time can become an ingrained personality trait.

Ongoing self-abandonment can lead to a level of self-distrust that in turn numbs out our ability to make intuitive decisions.

If this resonates with you or you notice this behaviour showing up in your day-to-day don’t fret! Just having an awareness of behaviour is a big step forward. The next time a decision needs to be made use this opportunity to lean into what you really want and commit to yourself.

Developing a high level of self-trust will over time help you in critical decision-making in all areas of your life that will bring you closer into alignment with your true self.

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