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Whos rules are you living by?

Whose rules are you living by? And have you ever examined these rules and wondered where they came from?

The way we interpret and experience our personal reality has a lot to do with how our subconscious mind was formed during our childhood. At this early stage in our lives, we accept all information we receive to be true as there are no prior experiences that could contradict this information.

Our subconscious programming and rules we live by are handed down to us from our caregivers (parents and teachers), society and culture at large and are reinforced through selective and confirming experiences that build upon these beliefs as we develop into adults.

As a coach, it is my job to listen out to limiting beliefs and carefully challenge and disrupt the ‘rules’ that people live by that may be limiting them from living their life to their highest potential. What’s more, I have started to question some of the old rules I had been living by and put those into question. Here are a few rules that I used to live by that were having a negative impact on how I was experiencing the world:

  • Success and personal value are directly linked to financial standing

  • Money and happiness are directly intertwined

  • Speaking my truth and being heard is scary and people will judge you for what you have to say.

If you’re reading this, I invite you to get curious about your self-talk and challenge your negative thinking when it arises by asking these two simple questions:

- Is this true?

- What evidence do I have to support this?

When we challenge our limiting beliefs and start to reprogramme the way we think we open up new possibilities for ourselves and our reality can start to become pliable.


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