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Heaven & Hell

Last week I was set a task by Jonny Miller as part of his Nervous System Mastery course (NSM) to describe my felt internal experience of both heaven and hell. Whilst writing out my description of felt “hell” it occurred to me that I was actually writing out how I used to experience my day-to-day circa 2017 when I was operating in a heightened state of stress.

Here’s what I wrote:

"I wake up feeling alert and overwhelmed straight away. My mind is racing and I can’t relax or clearly focus on the tasks that need to be handled in order for me to move forward.

I feel tight, agitated and stressed.

I’m easily triggered and overreact and upset those closest to me. I can’t escape this sense of discomfort except through mechanisms that I know are harmful to my mental or physical health."

When I was in this state it was hard to see it for what it was as this had become my baseline state, no other way of being seemed to be available to me at the time.

It wasn’t until I hit up against my limit and experienced burnout that I decided things HAD to change. Since then I’ve been on a mission to live well, paying particular attention to my mental and emotional health and aligning myself with my highest values and priorities.

What I have found is that when we live in this way we are able to move through our lives with a greater sense of ease and a heightened level of presence and awareness. This gives us access to a state that has the capability to hold joy, ease and connection as a baseline: Heaven.

BIG love, C


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