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How to use stress as a guide.

How is stress occurring in your life and how are you managing it?

Leaning into, understanding and reflecting on our stressors can be a powerful invitation for positive change that if acted upon WILL result in a life of increased ease.

Some degree of stress in our lives is inevitable however when ongoing stress becomes our baseline stress can become harder to recognise as we have adapted to the catalyst and stimulus.

When you next find yourself feeling stressed pause, reflect and explore the root cause or catalyst of the stress and ask yourself what needs to change to remove or decrease this negative stimulus.

Modern-day living is inherently busy and stimulating, stress awareness can be an invitation to remove the biggest obstacles in our lives to help with stress management and our overall wellbeing.

Normalising and or numbing stress will only lead to a dysregulated nervous system that over time will lead to more serious mental and physical health implications.

When we see it this way stress can become an invitation to take inspired action.


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